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Edmund : Thanks to Simon I passed my test FIRST time

Thanks to Simon I passed my test FIRST time.

I would never of imagined me doing that. Thanks for all the helpful lessons.

I would definitely recommend Simon, great driving instructor.

Lucy : WDS is a reliable, extremely helpful and a friendly service

WDS is a reliable, extremely helpful and a friendly service which teach top notch driving.

Would recommend to anyone.

Thank you to Simon for his amazing help and support over the past few months.

Rebecca : Passed my test first time, with only one driver fault

Passed my test first time, with only one driver fault, which never would have been possible if I hadn’t decided to switch driving instructors and contact Peter.

I felt like I was stuck, making no progress with my previous instructor with little confidence.

From my first lesson with Peter immediately my confidence was boosted. The aspects of driving I struggled with were addressed and improved upon with a concise and clear manner, even if it meant getting out of the vehicle and looking at a situation I had just struggled with.

Seeing it from another point of view, away from the car and without having to concentrate on driving made it easier to look at the situations and understand what went wrong and how to put it right. If ever anything was unclear Peter always explained in a way that was easily understood.

I always understood where I was up to in my progress with driving and always knew where there were improvements to be made and what I needed to focus on in each lesson.

I would highly recommend Peter, an excellent instructor. Many, Many thanks! Can’t thank him enough.

Andy: I passed my test on my first attempt thanks to Wigan Driving School!

I had many lessons with other instructors over the years and became quite unconfident of my driving ability.

Since starting my lessons with Peter I began to enjoy driving for the first time. I found every lesson was always different and tailored towards my own individual learning needs in order to make me a safe and able driver.

Peter is 100% dedicated to his student drivers and always ensures enjoyable and productive lessons with individual feedback and realistic aims. He also uses a range of teaching resources (interactive videos, online tutorials etc) that I always found highly useful.

Thanks to Peter, I am now fully confident of my driving ability, and I regret having wasted time with other instructors in the past. A huge thank you to Peter for all your help.

Katy: I passed my test the first time. Peter was very friendly and pleasant.

I had some lessons with another instructor but didn’t like them because he shouted a lot. Peter was completely different.

He is an excellent driving teacher, friendly and pleasant and offers very thorough lessons catered to your personal needs.

I was a very nervous driver and by the end I was feeling confident and competent and managed to pass first time. Very happy with everything.

Paul: I wasted time and money with other instructors but passed the first time with Peter

Thank you Peter for making learning to drive as easy and straightforward as possible.

I had used both local and national driving schools in the past but I wish I hadn’t! I’d have saved a lot of time and money if I’d have been instructed by you in the first instance.

You take time to explain the methods you teach in a constructive manner, and you give the skills to drive safely not just to pass the test.

I would highly recommend your driving school to anyone wanting to learn to drive!

Helen: I passed my test the first time

As a very nervous learner driver I found Peter to be very patient and his lessons were always very informative.

He always gave clear instructions and his explanations were always easy to understand and follow.

He helped me to become more confident with my abilities to drive and thanks to him I passed first time.

Lee: I passed the first time with only two driver faults

A massive thanks to Peter, I passed my test the first time.

I needed to pass asap and he managed to get me up to standard in only three weeks.

Learning to drive with Peter was easily the best choice I made. He came highly recommended from one of his current learner drivers.

Peter kept me calm and positive all the way throughout my experience of driving.

I will be highly recommending him to my friends and family.

Thanks again Peter you are a top guy.

Brioni: I passed my test the first time

Peter was great. I needed to pass my driving test in less than two months and he made that possible.

I passed my test the first time and can easily say that’s because of how I was taught.

Peter is professional and friendly and I can’t thank him enough.

Megan: I passed my test the first time, Peter’s lessons were awesome

I passed my driving test the first time even though I thought that I would never be able to do it.

Peter’s driving lessons were awesome, his lessons were very informative and he explained everything very well.

He was always very relaxed in the lessons and I really enjoyed learning with him.

Thank you, Peter, for preparing me fully for my driving test. I feel that I can now drive safely.

Louis: I passed my test the first time with only two driver faults

I had a few driving lessons with another instructor but I didn’t enjoy them and I didn’t feel like I was learning anything.

Peter was recommended to me by a former pupil. What a difference, I found Peter’s lessons were very relaxed, enjoyable and in depth.

He explained everything so that I could clearly understand what I needed to do.

Every lesson was completely different and we always went do different places. Always enjoyable and never a dull moment.

Thanks Peter

Dale: I passed my driving test with only one driver fault

I had driving lessons with two different instructors some years ago but, looking back, they were not right. One instructor just smoked in the car all the time and the second instructor was always 20 – 30 mintes late or would always want to finish the lesson early. I didn’t realise at the time that these instructors were doing it wrong and I simply lost confidence in my driving.

When I wanted to restart my lessons, I asked my friends but they could not recommend anyone. I searched the internet and found this website; everything appeared to be right and I decided to give Peter a call.

I knew right from that very first phone call that my decision to ring Peter was correct. When I started my lessons with him, the difference was unbelievable. Peter’s lessons were so informative and with his calm and relaxed manner I found that I was learning so much. Peter’s style of teaching and his obvious knowledge about driving gave me all the confidence I needed to pass my test with only one driver fault.

I would recommed him to anyone.

Many thanks Peter

James: Big thanks to Peter

Everyone who knows me will know how much I worry about the smallest things. When it came to driving I was extremely nervous about everything, however, when I first sat in the car with Peter it became clear I was in good hands.

Whenever I made a mistake, Peter would tell me exactly what happened, why it happened, and how to correct it for the future. He was with me every step of the way, supplying me with great information on how to pass my theory and explaining on what needs focusing on next.

Not once did he lose temper when I made silly mistakes; feeling at ease with someone so calm and re-assuring really boosts your confidence.

When it came to the big day of the test, I felt very nervous. That changed quickly as Peter re-assured me and gave great advice, leaving me feeling confident as I pulled up to the test centre. I passed first time and I could not have asked for a finer instructor!

Big thanks to Peter!

Lauren: Thank you Peter!

When learning to drive I began with another instructor and soon felt that I wasn’t making any progress.

I called Peter and within the first lesson I knew that I had made the right choice with choosing him as my instructor.

Peter was extremely informative explaining why everything had to be done and making sure I knew when I was making mistakes.

His methods are the best around and I recommend him to anybody.

I passed second time and couldn’t be more happier!

Thank you Peter!!

Jonathan: I passed first time

Learning to drive with Peter was so easy. His calm and positive attitude puts you at ease the whole time while your driving.

The lessons Peter taught was very thorough and went above and beyond the syllabus to make you a perfect driver.

The lessons are very informative, enjoyable and fun.

Thank you Peter for making me a safe and confident driver!!

Jennifer: My Instructor Peter was brilliant

My Instructor Peter was brilliant, he had a lot of time for me and always managed to work around my family and work commitments.

Peter’s knowledge goes above and beyond any basic skills needed to pass a driving test; he taught me how to drive safely and confidently!

He gave me some fantastic reference points for all my manoeuvres, gave me a confidence boost when I needed it and remained calm and polite throughout every lesson.

The theory side was fantastic as well; Peter never skipped over anything and taught me how to drive safely which is the most important thing!

I was quite apprehensive starting my lessons but with Peter’s help, I managed to pass both my theory and practical test first time!!

I highly recommend Peter to all those learning to drive, no matter how much experience you may/may not have. I know that he will be able to teach you even more.

Thank you Peter!!

Nouha: I am so lucky to have had Peter as my driving instructor

Peter is a very good driving instructor and gave me very good lessons.

When I did anything wrong, he stayed very calm and kept me safe.

He was very helpful and helped me to correct my mistakes and to deal with everything on the road.

I started without any driving experience at all and now a few weeks later I am so glad to have passed my test.

Scott: First Time Pass!!!!!!!!!

Peter is with no doubt the best driving instructor in Wigan! His lessons are fantastic and he is really great to get along with.

If you are looking for a driving instructor, Peter’s your man!


Rob: I’ve learned to drive beyond test standards

I thought that Peter was very thorough in his lessons, not only helping me to pass my driving test, but also teaching me to drive beyond test standards.

He was very relaxed when giving me lessons and was fair, helping me when I made mistakes.

I think that his lessons helped to boost my confidence, not only when driving but in everything I do.

Thanks very much.

Scott: First Time Pass!!!!!!!!!

Peter is with no doubt the best driving instructor in Wigan! His lessons are fantastic and he is really great to get along with.

If you are looking for a driving instructor, Peter’s your man!



Previous to learning with Peter, my two other driving instructors had failed to allow me to progress with my driving.

Once I began lessons with Peter, he was able to correctly and effectively hone in on my faults, turning me into an able and confident driver and allowing me to pass my test the first time.

His calm manner and positive attitude really helped to put me at ease throughout every stage of my driving experience.


I found that every lesson was different and I kept learning new things each week.

Peter was always patient and supportive and he never got frustrated when I made mistakes.

Overall 10/10


I just wanted to thank you for all the help you gave me during my driving lessons.

I found you to be very easy to get along with and to be a great instructor. You must be for me to pass the first time!!!

Thanks again.


Peter succeeded where my last driving instructor failed. He made it all seem so easy. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, patient, skilled and understanding, he is simply an all round top bloke! He made me feel so much at ease and motivated me when I was finding it a little tricky.

Peter brought out my confidence and got me across that finishing line with ease. As far as driving instructors go, Peter in my opinion scores 10/10. Couldn’t fault him one bit. Thankyou Peter! I owe you a pint!


I would really like to say a big thanks to Peter for getting me through my test the first time and with only two driver faults. One fault was I mixed up answers on the show me – tell me questions and the second fault was I stalled on the turn in the road.

I was not confident about my driving and I did not think that I was ready for the test but Peter encouraged me and convinced me to apply for it and I’m really glad that I did.

Peter’s lessons were really good. He worked hard to get me through my test and I would recommend him to anybody, thanks again.


I would recommend Peter to anybody. He got me through my driving test the
first time and it was an extended test which is twice as long as the normal

He helped me so much in all sorts of ways. He was always on time and his
lessons were absolutely brilliant, I really enjoyed them. He obviously knows
his stuff about driving.

He was very attentive and corrected me when I made a fault – even when I didn’t
think he was watching.

I don’t think that anybody else would have got me through it. Thanks very
much, Peter.

Shane: I passed the first time!

I would definitely recommend Peter. He set me realistic goals to achieve and in a time scale that suited me and which saved me money in the long run.

I now feel confident with my driving and this was down to Peter’s patience and knowledge to give me lessons tailored for me; he did not drive me around the same places as other instructors do.

I feel as that if it had not been for Peter I would never have bother to learn to drive.


Matthew: I passed my test the first time

I would definitely recommend Peter. He is a really good instructor.

He made everything very clear and I had no problems in understanding any of the procedures I needed to follow. He made the manoeuvres very easy to understand.

He never rushed me and made the lessons very enjoyable.

Danielle: I passed my test and with only 1 driver fault

Alistair: Peter is a superb driving instructor.

Learning to drive with Peter was easy.

His lessons were very informative, enjoyable and fun. He is professional in his lessons, easy-going and kind.

I would definately recommend him to anybody.

Matt: Peter is well recommended, I passed the first time!

I would definitely recommend Peter because his lessons were so good.

It’s obvious that he is very knowledgeable about driving because he explained everything thoroughly, showing me exactly what to do, giving demonstrations where appropriate. He spotted every mistake I made, explained why it happened and explained how to correct it.

Peter’s helpful words of advice allowed me to quickly build my confidence to drive and to pass my test the first time.

Rebecca: Thanks so much

I had 20 previous lessons with another instructor but he didn’t teach me anything.

When I came to Peter, I found it 50 times better. He made everything so simple and I found it much easier to drive.

Thanks so much for getting me there in the end.

Vicky: I passed first time – Thanks, Peter

I’ve been learning to drive for three years and I’ve had five previous driving instructors. I felt like I wasn’t making any progress. My friend is learning to drive with Peter and she recommended him to me.

It was a real eye-opener when I started taking lessons with Peter. His lessons were much more informative than my previous lessons and I really learned so much from him. He straightened me out quickly and I passed my test the first time.

It’s only now that I realise how much money I’ve wasted with the other instructors. I wish that I came to Peter at first.

Hysen: Thank you for helping me pass

I would definitely recommend Peter. He is a very good instructor. I passed my test very quickly with him.

Peter finds every fault, explains all about them and how to correct them.

He always arrived on time for the lessons.

He is patient and very helpful.

Martin: I passed my test the first time

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Peter. He obviously knows all about driving and gives really good instruction.

Whenever I was doing something wrong, Peter would definitely spot the error, explain why I was doing it wrong and give positive feedback on how to do it properly.

He made learning to drive easy and fun and made every lesson different, taking me on roads which I didn’t even know existed.

Adriano: I passed first time & with only 1 driver fault

I’ve had lessons with several instructors in the past, but Peter is the best instructor I’ve ever had because he is friendly, patient and explains things really well.

I looked forward to every lesson because he made lessons interesting by making every lesson different.

ROSPA Gold Award