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Pass first time

Pass the UK driving theory test online, first time with Theory Test Pro – fully licensed from the Driving Standards Agency (DSA)

  • Practice online for your driving theory tests with full access to all the licensed DSA test material
  • The full test question bank, hazard perception video clips and online Highway Code
  • Pass first time with visual aids to guide your learning
  • Adaptive learning tracks where you are struggling and develops a programme of future practice questions to test your knowledge
  • Official licensed content for car, motorcycle, passenger carrying vehicles and large goods vehicles
  • Get unlimited access to all the official licensed DSA study materials
  • Full and short testing available. Focus on trouble areas with test by topic

Hazard Perception

Online & interactive hazard perception tests

  • 8 clips licensed from the DSA
  • Testing your awareness on everything from town to country, people to buses, traffic to sheep
  • Test your awareness of developing hazards and roadside dangers
  • Full solution clips with scoring like the official tests
  • Includes clips full licensed from the DSA
  • 14 clip exam mode, just like the real thing
  • Single and dual hazard clips to test your awareness

Official DSA content

Official, licensed DSA content and test materials all online

  • Our content is fully licensed from the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) – the people who set the tests
  • Whenever the test materials are changed we automatically update the Highway Code and test question bank so you’re always up to date
  • Valid for the official car, motorcycle, heavy goods vehicle (HGV) and passenger carrying vehicle tests
  • Formatted in the same way you’ll see in the actual DSA theory tests
  • Over 20 case studies
  • Choose between set topic tests or a general test like those in the official assessment
  • Machine translation into over 40 languages
  • Latest DSA revision question bank valid for tests taken up to 1 December 2012

You’re twice as likely to pass with Theory Test Pro.

Pass first time

The UK average pass rate is 41%. With Theory Test Pro they double this to over 82%.

Practice Theory Test

They have the full revision question bank from the DVSA – the guys who run the theory tests.

Hazard Perception Test

They give you the inside track with a full and realistic hazard perception test.

They’re completely online

With things like Facebook and Twitter why shouldn’t your theory test practice be online too?

Always up-to-date

Because they’re online they give you access to always up-to-date questions. Unlike those pesky CDs.

Realistic Tests

Their test software looks exactly like the tests you’ll see when you take your theory test. So you’ll not get caught off guard.

No More CDs

Access everything from a desktop or mobile without having to worry about losing discs.

Over half a million users

They’ve had over half a million users. Join them and pass your theory test first time.

Track your progress

They show you how well you’re doing and in which topics so you know what you need to revise.

Join us!

Join the 55,000 online users currently studying for their official DSA driving theory tests with Theory Test Pro.

  • Join our members on our Theory Test Pro Facebook Page for great tips, further information and discussions about your driving test and learning to drive in the UK
  • Valid for the official car, motorcycle, heavy goods vehicle (HGV) and passenger carrying vehicle tests
  • Free updates and online upgrades whenever the DSA renew the theory test questions and Highway Code
  • All you need to pass the UK driving theory test first time – all online, at the click of a button
  • Got an iPhone? Get Theory Test Pro iPhone App with our iPhone App

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